Rob has written for many different ensembles and groupings.  Contact him to ask about licensing to perform any of the following works:


Ordinary Things (SATB div.) a cappella OR a cappella with flute and piano

How Little Time We Have SATB div. a cappella with percussion instruments.
Words tweeted by Scott Simon,

  1. Mother Called
  2. Every Baby Boy
  3. Three Jewish Husbands
  4. On Forever
  5. Hello Chicago
  6. Oh Earth
  7. They Usually Forget Flossing
  8. Hold Onto Her
  9. The Heavens Over Chicago
  10. She Will Make the Face of Heaven Shine

Also available here:

Pervigilium Veneris (The Vigil of Venus) SATB, String Quartet, Percussion and Ballet Dancers
Words by Anonymous 4th Century Poet

Love is a Place SSAA a cappella
Words by E.E. Cummings

Within Reach SATB with piano and Brass Quintet
Words by Walt Whitman

Havoc! TTB with piano
Words from Julius Caesar William Shakespeare

Cradle Song  SSA with piano
Words by William Blake

Hope Springs SATB with piano

Eventually SATB with piano
Words by Emily Dickinson

Until We Meet Again SATB with Piano

Balade de Bon Conseyl for Soprano and Piano

  1. Lak of Stedfastnesse
  2. Gentilesse
  3. Truth

Words by Geoffrey Chaucer


Frenetic Frieze for Cello and Piano

String Quartet

Phantasma for Orchestra

Five Bagatelles for Orchestra

    1. ¿El Rondo?
    2. Surface Tension
    3. Lil’ Joe and the Evil-Robot-Polka-Birds
    4. Shh….
    5. Western Omelette

Capriccio for two Pianos

Three Miniatures for String Quartet

Sesheta for Percussion Ensemble

Synapse for Wind Band

Something Old, Something New for Piano and Violin

Prelude for Solo Piano